Trump Ties Biden in Florida; Indicates Trouble for Dems

Trump Ties Biden in Florida; Indicates Trouble for Dems

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Miami, F.L. – Trump’s new-found momentum has moved Biden out of the basement and caused a surge in the most recent political polls. 

After a very successful Republican Convention, President Trump has soared in the most recent national polls in key battleground states. This most recent evidence brings to light the dishonesty of the liberal-mainstream media and political pundits who have been saying for over the last nine months, that President Trump will lose to Biden in November.

Shades of the 2000 Election, whoever wins Florida could find themselves in The White House. Just last week, Joe Biden led President Trump by 3-points, according to Quinnipiac. However, this week, Trump has regained momentum and overtaken Biden in Florida.

The latest NBC News-Marist survey finds Trump and Biden knotted at 48 percent among likely voters. When the polling data is expanded to include all registered voters, Trump leads 48 to 47 percent.

In Miami-Dade County, Florida’s most populous county, Joe Biden has failed to duplicate Hillary Clinton’s 2016 success. What’s more, while continuing to pander to African Americans, Biden has yet to earn Hispanic voters’ trust. Thus, the risks of losing Florida could cause him to fail ultimately again at a presidential run.

Among Latino voters, Trump leads 50 percent to 46 percent, a marked shift from 2016, when Hillary Clinton outpaced Trump by more than 25 points among Florida Latinos.

On September 8, Miami Herald’s most recent poll found Trump far behind Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden 38 percent to 55 percent in Miami-Dade. Democrats typically need to run up the score to compete in statewide races.

But Trump doesn’t need to win Miami-Dade. He needs to do better in the Democratic-leaning county to offset possible losses in other Florida parts. 

Joe Biden is incapable of winning over Democratic “strong-hold” bases that Clinton overwhelming won in 2016. Despite the liberal media bias, pollsters are beginning to show real data that indicates that Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the Democratic Party trouble both down in the Sunshine State and across the nation.

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