Trump's Three Actions to Win 2020

Trump’s Three Actions to Win 2020

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Washington D.C. – Donald Trump needs movement to win in 2020. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, an unstable economy, high unemployment, national protests, destruction, violence, and social division, and with only 119 days until the 2020 Presidential Election, Trump must make take action to solidify another four years. 

Below is a path to another Trump victory. 

  1. Get Biden out of the basement.

Democratic Presidential Nominee, Joe Biden, has held one press conference in 96 days. During the last three months of COVID-19 and nationwide civil destruction, Biden has intentionally buried himself in the basement at the behest of the Democratic Party. 

The lack of press conferences has become a point of tension with the Trump campaign, which has been blasting out emails demanding Biden take questions from the press and suggesting topics the media should be asking.

It is no secret that Joe Biden is loose-lipped, and often forgets where he is, who he is meeting with, what country he’s in, or even what office he is seeking. The last interview since his most recent on June 30, Biden stepped in the “proverbial poo,” when he made the infamous “You ain’t black” comment on the “The Breakfast Club” radio show. 

Biden, the self-described “gaffe machine,” and the Democratic Party know that must take whatever steps to keep the 77-year-old out of the limelight and cross-hairs for more idiotic comments. 

Trump cannot afford to wait to debate Biden. The liberally-controlled media is perfectly fine with keeping the Democratic candidate confined. Trump must issue a challenge to Biden soon and force him to go on the record to refuse. 

2. Plea deal Maxwell and go after Clinton.

Accused Jeffrey Epstein procuress Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested in New Hampshire last week. She was moved Monday to a Brooklyn lockup to await trial on four counts of sex-trafficking minors and two counts of perjury for allegedly acting as Epstein’s fixer.

According to a NY Post article, Maxwell will use her secret stockpile of the late pedophile’s sex tapes as an insurance policy to save herself from federal charges. 

Jeffrey Epstein, the wealthy financier, accused of sexually abusing girls for more than a decade, has been linked in the past to celebrities, prominent business people, politicians, and, at one point, Prince Andrew of Britain. Mr. Epstein’s ties to the former United States president, Bill Clinton, have drawn attention as of late.

Clinton denies having a close relationship with Epstein, despite a report from Fox News reported of flight records showing President Clinton had flown at least 26 times on Mr. Epstein’s plane. Testimony from Epstein’s victims and employees indicates that Clinton visited Epstein’s private Caribbean island, Little St. James, often. Victim accounts record that this island was the “epicenter of sexual assault, rape, and trafficking.” 

American needs no introduction to the conspiracies and contempt of the Clinton family. Thus far, Trump has been unsuccessful in his efforts to put Hillary behind bars. The next best thing would again expose the 42nd President of the United States for the actual cheating, and sexual philander facts have proven for years.

3. Step Away from Social Media

President Trump has more than six times as many followers on Twitter as he did when he was elected to office in 2016. He gained nearly 1.7 million followers in the past month, bringing his total to 80.3 million followers and making him the eighth most-followed account on the site, according to social analytics company Social Blade.

Since being elected to office, President Trump has used Twitter to voice both opinions and policies. More recently, Trump has used 280-characters to blast critics and attack and entertain societal issues. 

Despite the on-going domestic issues, Americans, particularly those most valuable independent and moderate voters, must see our President as presidential. Trump, with the help of those within his administration, must ensure to keep Trump on-track. The citizens of our country need and desire leadership. With November closely approaching, what matters most to Americans are jobs and security, not the Bubba Wallace “Noose Hoax,” and the actions of overpaid, overzealous professional athletes

Trump has directed and supervised the best times of our nation. Trump needs to continue the offensive, and strategically bury Biden, expose the lies of the Clintons and others of the Democratic Party, and politically state his platform and policies to get our nation out of the confines of this virus, and rebuild “his economy.” 

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