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When Biden Says He’s Coming For Our Guns You Better Believe Him!

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Washington, DC — Joe Biden and the Democratic party think the US Constitution are just words on a page.  Suggestions and guidelines if you will. I’m sure Joe doesn’t, but do you remember when Joe promises to put Robert Francis “Beta” O’Rourke in charge of gun control?  The same guy that said this:

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Hell yeah, we’re going to take your AR-15. If it’s a weapon that was designed to kill people on the battlefield, we’re going to buy it back.

Watching the disconnect between how the media tries to portray Biden and how he portrays himself is a sight to behold at times. Constantly, we are bombarded with claims that the former VP is “moderate” and steady. He wouldn’t do anything too crazy, right? Well, except abolish the filibuster and pass a bunch of progressive dream bills that is. But does that really make him not a moderate?

This is the kind of idiotic logic we’ve had to endure since Biden became the presumptive nominee, and his position on guns is no different. In fact, Biden took to social media yesterday to proclaim exactly what he’s going to do when it comes to the Second Amendment.

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Weapons of war have no place in our communities.We need to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

The fallacies present here have been knocked down so many times that it almost seems pointless to respond to them. All guns are “weapons of war” in the abstract, but an AR-15 is no more designed for war than a bolt-action rifle made by Remington. Every gun shares characteristics with weapons that end up being deployed on battlefields. That does not make them out of bounds under our Constitution, and any attempt to draw such lines is completely arbitrary.

Further, a ban on high-capacity magazines has already been struck down by the courts because there was no legal basis for it at all. Is Biden proposing to flaunt a decision by the courts? Does that sound very moderate to you?

Regardless, the media were ready to step in and make excuses, trying to convince people that their lying eyes aren’t seeing what Biden is putting out there.

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Oh @ddale8…

Doesn’t that suck!?  These Joe Biden apologists have to understand that regardless of what you say and/or tweet in August, July, and beyond, Joe Biden has a tendency to undo all of that with one leg-hair, corn pop, truth over facts, tweet or comment.

CNN’s Daniel Dale has essentially become a “fact-checking” mouthpiece for the Biden campaign. Even when Biden says pointedly that he’s going to take away people’s guns, he’s right there to tell us that that’s not what he really meant. It’s sad at pathetic. This instance was no different. Dale immediately put this up.

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Despite this broad “ban” language, Biden’s campaign says there’s no change in his policy – he’s not proposing to ban possession of existing “assault weapons,” only manufacture and sale. Current owners could a) keep and register them or b) sell them to the government.

Did you catch that?  Joe Biden says “ban assault weapon,” and then CNN’s Daniel Dale does the heavy lifting by engaging it some sort of stupid tweet gymnastics. When Joe Biden says “ban” that is actually a broad term rather than a three letter words that’s pretty dang specific!

Democratic voters maybe too stupid to see what’s happening here, but this proud gun owner isn’t!

“Despite what Biden is saying, I’m going to say he’s saying something different” is quite the line from Dale. So is Biden just too out of it to know his own positions? Is that the excuse here? Never mind that Biden’s last “ban” on “assault weapons” was a failure that had no marked impact on gun crime. You’d think a fact-checker might be interested in that, but I guess not.

We know what’s really going on here though. While the media will pretend otherwise, Biden is a radical on guns just as he’s a radical on nearly every other issue. That he couches it in his doddering reality as a half-lucid old man doesn’t change his political positions.

Biden is telling you that he’s coming for your guns. Believe him.

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