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Yale epidemiologist insists that hydroxychloroquine works, trials wrong

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Charlotte, NC — On Monday, Dr. Harvey Risch, a Yale epidemiologist, insisted that hydroxychloroquine was the proper treatment for COVID-19. He made his comments on CNN, which immediately combated his claims in the exchange. The interview followed an Op-Ed that Risch wrote for Newsweek, claiming the benefits of using hydroxychloroquine.

The CNN on-screen chyron continued to push their narratives. It scrolled with things such as “Growing body of evidence shows hydroxychloroquine is ineffective” and “Yale epidemiologist insists, against evidence, hydroxychloroquine works.” You can see the exchange in the video here.

The evidence for the use of hydroxychloroquine has been up for debate for some time and has become a political issue. The left has pushed a war against hydroxychloroquine, aiding in the censoring of articles and videos about its use on various social media outlets.  Conservatives have argued in support of the use of the medication, after multiple studies have shown its effectiveness for some high-risk coronavirus patients.

Dr. Risch made that exact argument in his comments. He cited his concerns with the studies that were done on the medication. He said that the studies were done on patients that would not have normally been treated with the medication.

It’s true that in the instances the medication has been given, it’s generally been given to high-risk individuals that may have been severely symptomatic. Multiple studies have cited its effectiveness, and one old research study shows it was effective against SARS. SARS is the most COVID-19 like illness we have experience in treating.

Since the first suggestion of using hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of COVID-19, the left has argued against it. Not out of “science” that they have claimed with everything else. They have refused to accept any suggestion of it because it was mentioned by President Trump.

The left has continued to argue that we must support the science in dealing with COVID-19, but in many instances, the science has been wrong or overruled. Take, for example, the long pushed mask issue across the country.

The left has argued that a nationwide mandatory mask initiative should be put into place. Scientific studies have shown the ineffectiveness of surgical and cloth masks to prevent COVID-19 droplets from entering the air. Yet, we are told to blindly follow the science.

The CDC initially did not recommend masks for use in COVID-19. The CDC said the masks were ineffective and gave a false sense of security. The science does not support the use of masks, yet we are being mandated to use them.

If we are to blindly believe science, then why are we suddenly contradicting science we have been told for years? It’s because the issue has become political. The media has seized on the fear of the coronavirus, which has sharply divided our country. Now, families and neighbors are pitted against one another in a bitter battle over what is acceptable.

The media will no doubt tear apart this doctor, as they have others, in the days to come. They act as if everyone is perfect. I certainly do not believe that Dr. Stella Immanuel is perfect, but they have attempted to destroy her.

From attacking her religious beliefs to painting her as a psychopath, the media has not let up on the assault on her. They have even attacked her over a past medical malpractice claim, something that over half of all doctors in the US have faced.

More and more doctors continue to come out and share their success in treating coronavirus patients. In many of those instances, it’s a drug called hydroxychloroquine that is given as one of the best treatment choices. Are we simply going to blindly believe the media, or the ones treating the sick patients?

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